Why PackMagic?

I live with dogs. I’ve always been a ‘dog person,’ ever since I can remember. I train some of my dogs in agility and have recently developed an interest in disc dog sports, mostly because Merlin, my newest dog, LOVES them.

Besides dogs, my life is filled with teaching high school biology, hiking, my favorite TV shows, such as NCIS, Supernatural, Grimm, and most recently Warehouse 13, for which I watched the first three seasons in six days. I also love writing fiction, and hope to do more of it – but I often have a hard time getting started. So I’m going to try this blogging thing, with a goal of writing every day beginning March 1st (if not earlier).

If I’m going to blog, I might as well blog about dogs. Why am I calling my blog PackMagic?

A few reasons, the first of which is my good friend and dog-walker telling me she thinks of my group of four as ‘pack magic.’ Loved it, using it. Hoping she doesn’t mind.

‘Pack’ is obvious… I have a bunch of dogs. That’s a pack. ‘Magic’ may be less obvious.

My dogs are magical to me, in so many ways. They are such unique individuals, with vibrant personalities (Seelie may be too vibrant), diverse interests, and some very silly quirks. I’m lucky to have them in my life; I learn so much about them and about myself.

It’s a bit miraculous to me that I live with four domesticated wolves; I understand them, they understand me. We have fun together. I’m an omnivorous primate, they’re canine predators. Somehow I’m pack leader (they may have a different view of our relative status).

So I’ll write about my magical dogs, both the ones I live with now and the ones I’ve lived with in the past.

I’m sure I’ll end up writing about other topics too… but mostly it will be the dogs. Mostly it is the dogs.


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