Feeding Time

Every meal, it’s the same scenario…

I gather their bowls from where they’re scattered; each dog has a specific eating spot.

Partition out the probiotics and the joint supplements. Add the kibble. Gryphon supervises, Merlin lays down and rests his head on my feet (the only time he ever does that), Raven runs to her crate on the off chance things go much faster than usual, and Seelie does his super-powered fast trot from kitchen to living room and back.

Open the cans. This is where things get a little crazy. Gryphon is now attempting to counter surf; he gets the plastic tubs to lick clean as I’m mixing the canned food in with the dry. Merlin is quiet, but Raven is crying a little from her crate and Seelie has started his concert. He always waits until I open the canned food… then he gives voice to the most amazing crescendo of whines, growls, barks, moans, and any other sound a dog is capable of generating.

Feed Gryphon first. He eats in the library, where I can close him off from everyone else since he’s the slowest eater. Gryph has already run down the hall, but I can’t get there so quickly because Merlin is dancing in front of me (still silent), in full-on herding dog mode.

Meanwhile, Seelie is running through the house, still singing (to give it a much more complimentary term than it deserves).

Return to the kitchen; now Seelie is quiet in anticipation. Feed Raven, then Seelie, then Merlin, who gets locked in his crate because he’s too nice and will let the other dogs check out his bowl before he’s done. (Funny thing is he’ll defend treats… not real meals.)

Get Raven’s anti-inflammatory pill, along with four tiny treats. She gets one because she lets me stick the pill down her throat. The others get one because she got one. Seelie runs around, still anxious about the tiny treat despite the fact that he’s just eaten the equivalent of several hundred tiny treats. Pill Raven, give her a treat, give Seelie a treat (yay, now he’s quiet), let Merlin out and give him a treat, then down the hall to open the door and give Gryph a treat.

Repeat in approximately 12 hours.


8 thoughts on “Feeding Time

  1. I felt tired for you two-thirds of the way through your post! Your dedication to your pets is admirable; they seem well-loved and cared-for. I hope you get lots of furry love in return. 🙂


  2. Sometimes feeding time is like a circus. We have two cats. One practically crawls up my leg as I prepare his food. The other one runs into our spare room. Molly eats behind closed doors otherwise Ned would push her out of the way and eat her food after he finished his own.


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