Weigh In

I found a tick on Merlin the other day – despite all the snow and ice still in the yard! I guess those forty-degree days came at a price. I decided I’d better start up the Frontline again; I don’t like using it, but every time I try to get by without it, at least one dog ends up with Lyme or anaplasmosis.

Before I could Frontline, though, I needed weights on all the dogs. So I moved the bathroom scale into the kitchen, weighed myself, then started collecting dogs.

Seelie was the easiest, at only thirty nine pounds. He watched the entire process with interest, standing by as I got Gryphon, who for once simply laid his ears back and looked peeved instead of leading me on a chase through the house. Gryph came in at forty one, down from a hefty forty eight last fall. Nice to know diet and exercise can actually work! After I weighed Gryph and let him go, Seelie walked up to the scale, put his foot on it, and looked up at me, clearly wondering ‘like this? is this right?’ Scary smart.

Then it was Merlin’s turn. He’s a big dog: long-bodied, with lots of muscle. Not easy to pick up! I wasn’t even sure if he’d let me, but he did… he tensed up a bit, but trusted me enough to hold still and be patient while I waited for the scale to register (not easy, since I can’t see it and sometimes when weighing the dogs I step off only to see the scale reading 0.0 because I wasn’t balanced properly). We’ve come a long way from him being too worried to let me hold his paw! Merlin weighed 47.4 pounds.

Finally Raven. She’s not thrilled about being picked up, but she tolerated it. I stepped off the scale, put her down, wrote the total, subtracted my weight… 47.4 pounds. Really?? So that meant I had to weigh Seelie again, just to see if the scale was working, then pick up Raven a second time to make sure… yup. 47.4 pounds.

So now everyone is protected for the next month… until I have to weigh in again. This would be more fun if I could watch little green ninjas running through their fur, as they do on the commercials.


5 thoughts on “Weigh In

    • 80 pounds would be tough! My first dog was 100 pounds… impossible. After Gryphon’s broken leg and Raven’s knee surgery, I’m trying to stick to dogs I can carry in an emergency!


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