I’m taking Seelie and Gryphon on a mini-vacation, a three day agility camp about two hours away. We leave Friday; I’m taking a rare personal day from work to do this.

I stopped off at the local family-run pet store today, picking up training treats (three bags, since I don’t want to run out), a small bag of kibble (already have the canned food), and running a list through my head of what I need to pack for them. I’m afraid to write it down because I worry that I’ll forget something if I rely on a list. Does that make any sense?

I’m already worrying about Merlin. He’ll stay home with Raven, and I know my pet sitter George will take excellent care of them, but this is the first time I’m leaving him since I brought him home. Bringing him and Raven with me doesn’t make sense, since they’d just end up sitting in the car most of the day.

As much as I’m looking forward to getting away, with no possibility of doing any grading for three days, I’m already anticipating coming home.


6 thoughts on “Anticipation

    • Oh, I really like that idea! I may have to try it this weekend… it’s not going to be easy to post from my phone, but I don’t intend to fail at this challenge so close to the end!


  1. Good luck and have fun. I remember the first time I took my girls to a Pet hotel. I knew then what it was like for a parent to pack and send their kids to camp. Merlin & Raven will be so happy to see you when you return.

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  2. Traveling with pets can be challenging. It does sound like your dogs are really used to being out and about and having new experiences, so I am sure it will go smoothly. How wonderful that you have an excellent dog sitter! My mom lives down the block from us and she takes care of our pets when we’re away. Our dog absolutely loves visiting Grandma! Enjoy your weekend away–and the inability to grade!

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    • It occurred to me a little while ago that I’ll have to feed the dogs in the car – given how loud Seelie is about meals, I can’t let him stay in the hotel room while I prep dinner! I’m sure I’ll think of other little things like that. They do travel well, that’s fur sure. First time in a hotel for either one of them. Nice for you to have family so close! Even if my parents were in the area, neither one is a dog person, so I’d probably still have to rely on Pawtown.


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