Moments from Agility Camp

Fantastic breakfast at a little restaurant where French Toast is called Freedom toast.

Started the morning walking and analyzing a new course.

Seelie stressed from our difficulties yesterday…. no focus, sniffing everywhere, not listening to me. Later, we started to bring it together and ran some nice sequences. He loves the A-frame, dogwalk, and see saw – perhaps a bit too much. Back and forth on the see saw, slamming it to the ground each time.

Gained some insight into Seelie’s past. What we want him to do: get to the end of the dogwalk or see saw and stand with his hind feet on the board and his front feet on the ground. He would then wait for me to catch up to him and give him the signal to go t the next obstacle. What he actually does is get to the end of the board and sit. Diane, the trainer running the camp, says it’s too deliberate and consistent to be happenstance; someone taught him to sit on a board or a mat or something. I know so little of his history before.I adopted.him at 15 months old – this little hint is so interesting.

Gryphon a bit hesitant about the see saw, worried about the A-frame, but determined to do it. Threw his weight forward, pulled himself up like a little mountain climber… so proud of himself afterwards, tail carried high in the air, moving in a little strut.

Myself, more relaxed today, let go of the self-imposed pressure to do it right, more ready and able to learn.


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