What’s Next?

I started this blog about my dogs at the urging of a colleague who has participated in the Slice of Life challenge in the past. I’m really glad I did… it’s been a great experience and I intend to continue writing about my pack, although probably not daily!

Since today is the last day of the challenge, I decided to think about my goals with the dogs over the next few months.

For Raven, staying healthy and happy. At 12, she still runs and plays. She goes on park adventures with George three times a week, and I’m hoping spring will eventually arrive and I’ll get her out more too.

For Gryphon, more hiking, which is his favorite thing in the world, and more agility. I want to continue discovering what makes this dog tick, how he thinks, why one day agility is a blast and the next he’s checked out and wants no part of it.

For Seelie, serious competition training. We’re entered in a trial in early May. If we can get his weaves down, we’ll be able to enter multiple classes per trial, which I’d like to do since I don’t like investing my entire weekends in competition.

For Merlin… so much. I want him to grow in confidence and to see him really, truly relax. I want him to experience more and learn new things. We have another frisbee seminar coming up in April, and he’ll continue to do to his beginner classes.

Merlin and Seelie will be going with me to the border collie rescue that first took Merlin in, Glen Highland Farm, in July. It’s a fantastic vacation spot for people and their dogs. Four days of hiking and relaxing and playing. I’ll make it up to Raven and Gryphon somehow.

Many thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts… it’s much appreciated! I hope we continue to meet up even though the slicing challenge is over.


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